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"I'm a... 'more mature' theatre-lover... Will I still be able to take part in everything?"

Of course! We cater to all capabilities, standards, and ages. We are fully inclusive of everyone - the only requirement is that you're young at heart!

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"Is it too late to upgrade my room?"

All rooms are subject to availability, but if you decide you'd like to treat yourself to that Sea View after all - just get in touch! If we can accommodate we will amend your booking and send an updated invoice

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"I love musical theatre & performing; but the thought of singing solo fills me with stage fright. Will I have to sing on my own?"

Nope! Opportunities to sing on your own are only for those who wish to. Nobody will be made to do anything they don't want to. Just come along and enjoy being part of a glorious ensemble!

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"I'd like to pay everything now and get my place confirmed - can I do that?"

You can indeed! Once you've booked and paid the £75 deposit you will be sent an invoice for the remaining amount. When you pay this is up to you: whether it's the deadline in March or immediately so it's done and dusted! The invoice leads straight to a secure online paying system so it's super quick and easy

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"Is the hotel wheelchair accessible?"

It is indeed! PLUS all sessions can be easily adapted to suit all needs! But please let us know in advance so we can ensure everything is in order before you arrive

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"What if I miss the invoice due date?"

Missing the date will incur a £15 late fee, and if we haven't received the final amount by the cut off date in you run the risk of losing your place (*Cue dramatic Phantom of the Opera chords*)

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"Am I allowed to ask for photos with the West End stars?"

Are you kidding?! You are schmoozing and rubbing shoulders with some of the most respected names in the industry - you will want bragging rights to show off to all your friends. Get your camera ready!

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